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Taylor Swift’s Lover Music Video Easter Eggs | Screen Rant

Taylor Swift’s music video for Lover is packed with Easter eggs and references that only the most hardcore Swift fans will spot.

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Taylor Swift's music video for "Lover," the title track of her new album, tells a heartwarming love story - but it's also contains a fun set of Easter eggs for the most hardcore of Taylor Swift fans. The video sees Taylor going through the romance and angst of a long-term relationship with her "lover" (played by dancer Christian Owens), in a beautiful house with brightly-colored rooms. There's even a fishbowl in the bathroom!

Like other Taylor Swift music videos, "Lover" features a cameo by one of her pet cats. Not just any cat, but a cat that she adopted after meeting him on the set of another music video. Benjamin Button, a ragdoll cat, first appeared when he was still a kitten in Swift's music video for "ME!" - another track from the Lover album. Swift fell in love with him and took him home, and Benjamin Button appears in a portrait in the green room, and also in the flesh (and fur) when Taylor and Christian are hanging out on the ceiling at the 0:35 mark in the video.

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The fishbowl in the bathroom has a hidden meaning as well. Fans have suggested that the fishbowl refers to Swift's life in the public eye and her feeling of being constantly watched and judged, and her "lover" diving in with her represents a willingness to embrace that lifestyle. Swift responded to the theory on Tumblr with, "THAT WAS THE POINT THANK YOU SINCERELY THANK YOU FOR GETTING IT."

The fishbowl room isn't the only room with a double meaning, though. You might notice that the seven rooms in the house correspond to the number of albums that Swift has released, including Lover, and that each of the rooms has a strong color scheme and theme. Fans quickly began matching the rooms in the album to her albums, and one theory seems to be the winner, based on the fact that Swift shared it on her Tumblr page. For example, the green room that marks the start of their relationship represents Swift's debut album, and the red room represents her 2012 album Red.

Other details that stand out as obvious Easter eggs in the video are the board games. For example, a Scrabble-like game called "King of Hearts" not only references "King of My Heart," from the Reputation album, but also spells out the words "After Glow" in letters that add up to 15 - "Afterglow" being the fifteenth track on Lover. Meanwhile, "Devils Roll the Dice, Angels Roll Their Eyes" and "Breakable Heaven" are both lyrics from the second track on the album, "Cruel Summer." Beyond the board games, the Happy New Year party in the red room and the aftermath is a reference to the Reputation track "New Year's Day," which opens with the lyric, "There's glitter on the floor after the party."

The music video references not only other Taylor Swift songs, but also other Taylor Swift music videos. Obviously Benjamin Button the cat is a link to the music video for "ME!", but at the 3:15 mark Taylor can be seen blowing out the candles on a cake that also appeared in the music video for "You Need to Calm Down." Even the attic room features the same projector set-up as the lyric video for "Lover."

Whether you love her or are one of her haters, it's hard to deny that Taylor Swift always has memorable music videos, and "Lover" is another addition to that collection. These are all the Easter eggs we found, but eagle-eyed fans are sure to spot more as they rewatch the video in the coming days.

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