Sunday, May 31, 2020

Wolverine Will Reportedly Get To [SPOILERS] When He Debuts In MCU

Hugh Jackman may have ruled himself out of the running to return once again, but it appears that Marvel Studios are adamant Wolverine will play a part in their upcoming X-Men reboot. While it might be a better idea to leave him out completely, given that Jackman became so synonymous with the role that it’s hard to imagine anybody else playing Logan, the adamantium-bonded mutant is one of the most instantly recognizable figures in popular culture, so his inclusion seems pretty much inevitable.

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One Of The Best Comic Book Movies Ever Has Been Dominating Netflix

While we’ve seen some unusual titles, and a lot of Adam Sandler movies, dominate Netflix’s rankings in recent weeks, arguably one of the best comic book movies of all time is doing pretty well on the service this weekend. 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is currently the tenth most popular film on all of Netflix, something we’re not too surprised about, given the quality of the movie. But what exactly makes Spider-Verse so special?

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The MCU’s X-Men Will Reportedly Have Two Love Triangles

It would be fair to say that one of the least interesting aspects of the original X-Men trilogy was the love triangle between Jean Grey, Cyclops and Wolverine. Audiences that weren’t familiar with the comic book history of the characters were probably wondering why it was even a contest, given that James Marsden’s Scott Summers was one of the weakest and least interesting characters in the movies and Hugh Jackman’s Logan was clearly the magnetic and charismatic focal point of the entire franchise.

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Stormtroopers Being Used To Enforce Social Distancing At Disney Park

The COVID-19 coronavirus has ensured that the entire world has remained more or less shut down since it first began its attack earlier this year. Nearly 6 million people have been infected worldwide and 365,000 have died, and thousands of businesses have closed down to help mitigate spreading of the virus. Now, as some of them attempt to reopen, especially in the United States, they’re doing so cautiously with plenty of social distancing and protection requirements in place to protect both their employees and customers.

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The MCU X-Men’s Team Leaders Have Reportedly Been Revealed

If you only knew the X-Men from the movies and weren’t familiar with their comic book history, then you’d be easily forgiven for not knowing that Cyclops is supposed to be the leader of the team. Neither James Marsden or Tye Sheridan were really given much to work with as Scott Summers, with the character often shunted to the background as the Fox franchise focused more on either the relationship between Charles Xavier and Magneto or Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

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Henry Cavill Reportedly Not Guaranteed To Return As Superman

It’s certainly been a big couple of weeks for fans of the DCEU, following the internet-breaking news that the Snyder Cut of Justice League was finally happening and heading exclusively to HBO Max, as well as the apparent end of the speculation surrounding Henry Cavill’s future as Superman. That’s without even mentioning the rumors that Warner Bros.’ owners AT&T want Ben Affleck to return as Batman, something the media conglomerate themselves are doing little to dispel.

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