Matt Damon Will Reprise The Role Of Loki For Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

Via Instagram, writer-director-star Kevin Smith confirmed that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will indeed herald the return of Matt Damon as Loki.

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Remember Thor: Ragnarok? Of course you do…

Just before the one-two punch of Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame (now officially the #1 movie in box office history), Marvel Studios pumped out a genre oddity from Taika Waititi. Sure, it had all the hallmarks of an MCU movie – spectacular action scenes, heartfelt writing, Stan Lee cameo… you name it – but its boundless energy and humor set it apart from its blockbuster peers.

Part of that eccentricity came in the opening 30 minutes, when we were introduced to an Asgardian play in which Matt Damon – the Matt Damon – was up on stage doing his best Loki impression. It makes for a wonderful moment, particularly given the fact that the God of Mischief himself is among the crowd of onlookers disguised as Odin. And this year, we’ll see the return of Matt Damon as Loki (kind of), as Kevin Smith, director, writer, and star of the forthcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, confirmed as much via Instagram.

Then @jenschwalbach suggested “Why don’t you use him as Loki?” I scoffed like a hardcore Kevin Smith fan, replying “I can’t play with Loki. Loki died.” Jen smiled and said “Well it’s a good thing you don’t know the writer, or else you might be able to change your idea.” And just like that, my wife made the movie better. I asked costume designer @ruckusaurus to put together a Loki-looking ensemble, found a church, and broke out my life size Dogma action figure. And with that, I was able to do mini-sequels to *all* my #viewaskew flicks in the middle of #jayandsilentbobreboot!

Any film that heralds the return of Matt Damon as Loki is practically worth the price of admission alone, not least because it harkens back to Thor: Ragnarok itself. Smith himself has gone on record to say that this Jay and Silent Bob movie “makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time.” Perhaps that explains the decision to cast not one, not two, but three Batman actors.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot begins its theatrical rollout in October, so stay tuned for more juicy details as that launch window approaches.

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