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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Featured A Big Clue That Luke Knew The Truth About Rey

The reveal that Rey is actually Palpatine’s granddaughter is arguably the most controversial narrative choice in The Rise of Skywalker. It’s often said that this doesn’t line up at all with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which featured Kylo Ren telling Rey her parents were “nobodies.” The retcon gets even harder to swallow with the later clarification from Luke’s Force ghost that he and Leia knew all along who the heroine’s evil ancestor was. 

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Ghostbusters Reboot Director Wants A Crossover With Afterlife Universe

To say the reaction from fans over the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot was a low point for the internet would be an understatement. Even before its release, folks were outraged that a new iteration, starring women and ignoring the original two, was being made. And the fans certainly took out their anger on the stars and in particular, Leslie Jones. So much so that Jones quit Twitter briefly due to the harassment.

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Robert Downey Jr. Isn’t Too Happy About His Black Widow Cameo

Eyebrows were raised when it was announced that Robert Downey Jr would appear as Tony Stark in Black Widow. The character had an incredible send-off in Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr’s contract had expired and he has repeatedly and firmly claimed that he’s done everything he could with the character (though he’s not ruling anything out). So what gives? Well, at least Black Widow isn’t resurrecting him – as a film set in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War Stark would be alive and a prominent figure in the world.

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Originally Had A Female Darth Maul-Like Villain

Now that we’ve all had time to process Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, with many deeming it to be an underwhelming finale to the Sequel Trilogy, attentions are being turned to what the original vision for Episode IX was back when Colin Trevorrow was in the director’s chair instead of J.J. Abrams. This week has seen a flurry of fresh information about Trevorrow’s movie, too, as leaked plot details have surfaced online.

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Robert Downey Jr.’s Dolittle Expected To Bomb At Box Office This Weekend

There once was a man from across the pond. Him and his animals had a glorious bond. They would sit and converse, and for better or worse, now all of you can see. 

Did you like my little ditty there? I made it up. You know what I thought was made up the first time I saw it? Dolittle, Robert Downey, Jr.’s first film in a post-snap universe. The trailer looked like a joke, a fast one pulled on me by Marcus Theaters before I saw that god damn Star War or that amazingly under-awarded Uncut Gems. But, nope, it’s real, terrible CGI and awful cover of “It’s a Wonderful World” and all! And ya know what? Most other people seem to agree with my takeaway, as Dolittle is gonna do very little, box office-wise.

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