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Game Of Thrones Star Being Eyed To Play Alfred In The Batman

Now that the caped crusader of Gotham City has a new face, everyone is wondering who will get the opportunity to portray his trusted butler. Some are speculating that a legend like Piers Brosnan will get to take on the role, while others are reporting that Warner Bros. is considering lesser-known talents like Jared Harris. Our sources here at We Got This Covered are telling us that there’s another name fans should be watching out for to potentially play Alfred Pennyworth in The Batman: Charles Dance.

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Robert Englund Reveals Who He Wants To See Play Freddy Krueger Next

Robert Englund is undoubtedly a beloved legend in the horror universe. For years, he’s terrified audiences in the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise without ever really getting the credit that he deserves for turning Freddy Krueger into such an icon. Lately, however, the public has finally come around to honoring the 72-year-old actor. Fans have been campaigning recently to get him his own documentary, as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As he gets up there in age, England is already envisioning who will take over his razor hands when the time comes. In his own words:

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Marvel Fans Worried That Uncle Ben Will Die Again If Sony Reboots Spider-Man

Spider-Man is in the MCU no more. That’s the news that’s rocked the Marvel universe this week, as a falling out between Sony and Disney means that it looks like Peter Parker will be removed from the franchise he only finally joined three years ago. Sony is absolutely going to make their own movies featuring the wall-crawler again, though, and fans think they know what that means: Uncle Ben is gonna die once more.

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Over 85,000 Fans Sign Petition To Bring Spider-Man Back To The MCU

Sony had to know that people were going to be upset about Spider-Man not being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore, but they likely had no idea just how bad the backlash would be. An online petition started just a couple of days ago to bring the web-slinger back to the MCU has already amassed over eighty thousand signatures from angry fans. At this rate, it could crack a million before the month is over.

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Venom’s Success Could Be Why Sony Split With Disney

Fans are still reeling from the shocking announcement that due to the breakdown in the working relationship between Sony and Marvel Studios, Spider-Man: Far From Home may have marked the title character’s final appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As is the case any time news of this magnitude breaks, speculation is already running rampant about what the future holds for both the Spider-Man franchise and the creative team involved.

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