Monday, March 30, 2020

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Marvel May Now Release Black Widow Via Streaming As Disney Needs Money

Every major movie over the next few months is going to be affected by the current pandemic, but most will hopefully be able to move their release dates to later in the year – see Wonder Woman 1984 and No Time To Die – and simply arrive a little later than planned. For Marvel’s Black Widow, however, the case is slightly different. The superhero studio has a stacked release schedule, so they can only push ScarJo’s solo film back so long before everything starts tumbling like dominoes.

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WB Reportedly Now Considering Reducing Amber Heard’s Role In Aquaman 2

Amber Heard has seen her reputation take a battering during her high-profile divorce battle with Johnny Depp, with a series of explosive and widely-publicized revelations seeing the majority of the public side with her ex-husband in recent months. Depp lost the biggest payday of his career when he was dropped from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise due to the negative press, although recent developments may eventually see him reinstated as the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow.

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