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Former Arrow Star Wants To Play John Stewart In Green Lantern Corps Movie

It doesn’t seem to be a project that’s being fast-tracked right now, but as far as we know, Warner Bros. is still working on the Green Lanterns Corps movie they’ve been planning for years. The idea has always been to make this reboot of the Emerald Knights a kind of cosmic buddy-cop story, starring the most famous Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Various names have been linked to play Jordan over time, but what about Stewart?

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Netflix Just Added One Of The Most Underrated Horror Movies Of The 2000s

Netflix is great for hot new original content. Indeed, the streaming site invests a fortune into producing their own movies and TV shows and most of the time, they knock it out of the park, with many Netflix titles going on to become global sensations (see: Stranger Things, Extraction, The Irishman and more). But the platform is also great for discovering hidden gems, with tons of licensed content getting another chance in the spotlight.

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Suicide Squad Ayer Cut May Feature Steppenwolf

The theatrical release of Justice League rightly came under criticism for featuring one of the worst villains in the history of comic book movies thanks to Steppenwolf, but let’s not forget that Suicide Squad also boasted two antagonists that were just as bad. Both the awfully-rendered Incubus and Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress did a movie that was already butchered by studio interference absolutely no favors, and only made the troubled production zero-for-three for bad guys if Jared Leto’s Joker is also taken into account.

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Poison Ivy Will Reportedly Make Her DCEU Debut In The Suicide Squad

We only just got Birds of Prey earlier this year, but Margot Robbie has already got one more movie outing as Harley Quinn in the bag in the form of The Suicide Squad. There are hopes for further adventures for the Clown Princess, too. And whatever form they take, DC fans are sure praying they’ll involve Poison Ivy, as they’re desperate to see the Harley/Ivy relationship explored on the big screen.

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