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Disney Fans Demanding Danny DeVito Return As Phil In Hercules Remake

It’s official! After months and months of reports, it was officially confirmed today that Disney is moving forward with a Hercules remake. The 1997 mythological animated movie is getting the live-action treatment, with Marvel supremos Joe and Anthony Russo on hand to produce. THR broke the story this Thursday evening, nothing that at this stage it’s hard to tell whether it will be a faithful reboot – like Beauty and the Beast – or play fast and loose with the source material – like the upcoming Mulan. 

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James Gunn Explains How Thor Understands Groot In Avengers: Infinity War

It may sound like “I am Groot” over and over again to us, but Groot’s few words are actually a full-formed language, as evidenced by Rocket’s translation of his dialogue across the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Over time, we see Star-Lord and the other Guardians develop the ability to understand him, too. Avengers: Infinity War threw a curveball at how we believed Groot’s language worked, however, when Thor was able to understand him immediately.

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Jessica Rothe Wants To Make Happy Death Day 3, Even If It Takes 20 Years

Happy Death Day was a huge hit for Universal back in 2017, but – ironically, considering the time loop nature of the franchise – history wasn’t repeated twice when 2019’s Happy Death Day 2U failed to rake in as much cash. Because of that, a closer to the trilogy may now be in question. Anyone who’s seen the sequel knows one was intended, though, and star Jessica Rothe isn’t giving up hope that Happy Death Day 3 will arrive eventually. Even if it takes 20 years.

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EW Reveals First Look At Superman: Man Of Tomorrow Movie

Following Justice League Dark: Apokolips War coming out in a few days’ time, the next DC animated movie – that’ll keep us entertained while we wait for live-action superhero flicks to start rolling out again – will try something a little bit different. Superman: Man of Tomorrow will break away from both established continuity and the typical house art style to tell a unique, original story about the Man of Steel’s early years. And you can now get your first look at the film below, thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive reveal.

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AMC May Not Even Be Allowed To Ban Universal Movies

It’s been a rough week for AMC Theatres, with the movie chain’s recent financial troubles followed by a controversial letter claiming that they’ll refuse to show Universal Pictures films in their cinemas after the studio suggested retaining a dual release window for PVOD and theatrical releases. And while AMC have received support from Regal Cinemas owner Cineworld, it appears that the chain might not actually be allowed to follow through on their threat to ban Universal content from their screens.

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