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Month: March 2020

Marvel Halts Production On Spider-Man 3 Due To Coronavirus

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and with no end in sight, the movie industry is bracing itself for what could end up being one of the leanest years in history. Hollywood is already looking at a $20 billion shortfall in revenue this year, and Sony have even moved several of their high profile summer releases to next year, signaling that they expect the crisis to carry on for a good few months yet.

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Captain Marvel 2’s Post-Credits Scene May Introduce Major New Heroes

Marvel Studios has made sitting through the entirety of the credits a must for any fan, as we know we stand the chance of missing something massive if we leave the theater early. The importance of the post-credits scenes vary movie to movie, of course, but from what we’re hearing,  Captain Marvel 2 will sport one extremely important tease for the future of the franchise that you won’t want to miss when it eventually arrives.

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Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene Reveals Doctor Strange/Scarlet Witch Team-Up

Avengers: Endgame featured the biggest union of superheroes the silver screen has ever seen, with every costumed crusader in the MCU coming together to fight Thanos in its grand third act. Throughout this thrilling sequence, we got many awesome crossovers – Thor and Cap with Mjolnir, the A-Force moment, etc. – but there was only time to include so many and a bunch of additional team-ups had to be left on the cutting room floor.

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First Venom 2 Trailer Could Be With Us This Week

Despite a whole slate of movies being delayed or taken off the release schedule altogether in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, one has escaped the cull and is still on track for its theatrical debut this October. According to CBM, Sony have retained a slot on October 2nd for the release of Venom 2, the Tom Hardy-fronted supervillain sequel, and better yet, the outlet states that the first trailer may be with us as soon as this week.

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