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Game Of Thrones Star Reportedly Eyed For William Birkin In Resident Evil Reboot

The more casting news we hear about the Resident Evil movie reboot, the more we get a picture of what the project will be like. It’s being directed by 47 Meters Down helmer Johannes Roberts, who’s promised a “super, super scary” movie that’ll “get back to the roots of the games” and we’ve also heard recently that the film is eyeing Titans star Brenton Thwaites and Zombieland’s Abigail Breslin as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, respectively. That (and reports of Albert Wesker being involved) seemed to indicate that the film would adapt the first Resident Evil game, which stars those characters.

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Universal Reportedly Remaking Van Helsing, Young Actors Being Eyed

Fresh off the success of his two Mummy movies at the turn of the millennium, which both earned over $400 million at the box office, director Stephen Sommers decided to tackle the rest of Universal’s classic monsters for his follow-up feature. While the idea of Van Helsing sounded good on paper, reinventing Dracula’s arch-nemesis as a Vatican-sponsored monster hunter played by A-list star Hugh Jackman, the execution failed after the filmmaker stuffed the story to its bursting point, burning through Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, the Wolfman and Dracula himself in a mess of sub-par CGI and wall-to-wall action sequences that quickly became an assault on the senses.

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Lucasfilm Want To Include Dinosaurs In Star Wars: The High Republic

Star Wars is taking some big steps forward with The High Republic. The new setting, 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, gives writers a blank slate on which to work. As shown in the teaser trailer, the idea is to create a pioneer spirit in which the Jedi will face off against the Nihil, described as “space vikings.” But another thing we can expect from The High Republic is dinosaurs. Yes, you read that right. Dinosaurs.

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