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Month: January 2020

First Look At [SPOILERS] Deleted Avengers: Endgame Cameo Revealed

While the Avengers: Endgame re-release didn’t turn out to be as much of a must-see as it had seemed last summer, Marvel did eventually share a whole load of deleted footage from the event movie via the Infinity Saga boxset which came out in November. The only trouble is that its hefty price tag means there are a great many fans who haven’t been able to get a look at these fascinating unused scenes.

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First Trailer For Chris Rock’s Saw Reboot Coming Next Week

While everyone’s nursing either a beer-driven hangover or a buffalo chicken-dip induced food baby in their post-Super Bowl hazes, Chris Rock and crew are going to gift the masses a stomach-churning look at a grisly horror franchise! That’s right, we’re hearing today that we’re going to catch our first official glimpse of the upcoming Saw continuation starring and written by the comedian this coming Monday.

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Sherlock Junior Movie Reportedly Headed To Netflix

We’ve had a lot of Sherlock Holmes adaptations over the years, and it seems we’re entering a new era of them. But this time, the twist is that they’ll have a young adult bent. Millie Bobby Brown is starring in Warner Bros.’ Enola Holmes movie, for instance, as Sherlock’s younger sister, and we’ve also now caught wind that Netflix is developing another teen-oriented Holmesian reboot titled Sherlock Junior. 

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