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Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Says He’s Self-Partnered Like Emma Watson

Ah, young love. It’s such a sweet thing to behold, especially when that love comes from within. Harry Potter’s ultimate power came from within at the end of the day, that ultimate power being, like, determination or whatever. Emma Watson was determined to make her single self quite a normal thing (which it is) in an interview a few weeks ago by saying she was “self-partnered,” and got a ribbing online for it. Now her former co-star Tom Felton has also applied the term to himself in solidarity.

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James Gunn Says A Marvel Vs. DC Movie Is Possible

DC and Marvel’s rivalry is infamous, with the two universes having co-existed but (almost) never interacting. At one point, the primary difference between them was that Marvel was more concerned with superheroes with human flaws, while DC was more about fantastical stories, but now, the tonal difference between the two is somewhat academic. With that in mind, what might a DC vs. Marvel superhero movie look like?

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Celine Dion Says Jack Was Too Frozen To Save Himself In Titanic

Despite the film coming out 22 years ago, people are still beating their fists against the table trying to ponder why Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) didn’t climb onto the floating door to save himself at the end of Titanic. Theories have come about (including a Mythbusters episode) and dismissals about there not being enough room (yeah, right!) have circulated. Even DiCaprio himself has refused to talk about it.

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Mark Hamill Reveals What Star Wars’ Baby Luke Skywalker Looks Like Now

Who’s the only other actor to date to play Luke Skywalker in a Star Wars movie apart from Mark Hamill? That’s a fun trivia question that should tax even the most ardent lovers of the franchise. The answer’s actually Aidan Barton, the baby who played both Luke and Leia at the end of Revenge of the Sith. Do you want to feel old? Here’s what the Skywalker twins-in-one looks like now. 

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