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Month: June 2019

Christopher Lloyd Wants To Make Back To The Future 4

While there’ve been a lot of ’80s reboots and sequels, the Back to the Future franchise has remained pretty untouchable up to now. Give or take some jokey adverts and DVD features, as well as a great Telltale Games series, the prospect of the property having an official continuation has been shot down in the past by both producer Frank Marshall and director Robert Zemeckis. However, Christopher Lloyd has now given some hope to fans of the series by showing enthusiasm for a fourth movie, as well as ideas for plot lines.

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Original Avengers: Endgame Vormir Scene Featured An Attack From Thanos

In the lead-up to Avengers: Endgame, one of the most popular questions regarding the Avengers: Infinity War sequel was who, if anyone, would have to sacrifice themselves for the Soul Stone. As some of you may recall, the fan forums offered a variety of theories on how the inevitable Vormir scene might play out, and according to Jeremy Renner, even the team at Marvel Studios originally had a very different idea for the Soul Stone sequence.

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