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10 Pop Culture References Created From Supernatural

When <em><a href=””>Supernatural</a> </em>first premiered in the fall of 2005, people had no idea the phenomenon and impact the show would have on audiences. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) lead the show as the Winchester brothers that were raised in the hunting life, dedicated to eradicating any and all supernatural things following the death of their mother. Over the course of the series, the show has immortalized symbols like pie and Dean’s car, “Baby”. Not to mention its ability to create quotable dialogue. Now that the show will be ending after its fifteenth season, we’re taking a look back to remember some of the pop culture references <em>Supernatural </em>will be leaving behind that we’ll be slipping into everyday life – or at least attempt to.

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10 Deceased Game Of Thrones Characters Who Could Return In Season 8

We’re right around the corner from the <a href=””>season 8 premiere</a> of the HBO hit series <a href=””><em>Game of Thrones</em></a>, as the two-year wait will end on Sunday, April 14. As for whether or not it’ll end up being the best season of the show remains to be seen, but it’s certainly the most highly anticipated season since season 6, which promised to reveal the fate of the then Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch Jon Snow, who was murdered in the finale of season 5.

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20 Notoriously Bad ‘80s Sci-Fi Movies (And 5 So Bad They Were Good)

When it comes to cinema, the ‘80s were quite an unforgettable decade. There are dozens of examples of incredible films that came out that decade, with each genre of cinema getting several notable additions to the point where many helped shaped the current cinematic landscape. The 1980s were especially good for Science Fiction movies. Movies like <i>Blade Runner</i>, <i>Back to the Future, The Terminator, </i>and <i>The Thing </i>all came out in the ‘80s, but there are even more films that were released under the Sci-Fi genre.

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