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The 7 MillarWorld Projects Fans Most Want Netflix To Produce

Ever since <a href=””>Netflix</a> announced that it would be partnering up with <a href=””>Mark Millar</a> to bring adaptations of his comics (along with new, Netflix-owned comics) fans have eagerly been awaiting the announcement of which of Millar’s project would hit screens first. With the recent announcement that several of Millar’s projects like <a href=””><em>Jupiter’s Legacy</em></a> and <a href=””><em>Huck</em></a> will be adapted into a series and film, respectively, along with a few others, fans seem eager for more. But what are some of Millar’s works that haven’t hadn’t their turn in that spotlight yet? Let’s take a close look at the iconic creator’s work to see if we can identify the projects that are most likely to be adapted into a film or series.

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8 Weird Family Connections That Exist In The Star Wars Universe

Family is crucial in the Star Wars universe. A lot of the saga is about where characters come from. Although, <a href=””><em>Star Wars: The Last Jedi</em></a> tried to change that with the film’s reveal, or lack thereof, of Rey’s birth parents. That could all change of course with J.J. Abrams’ <em>Star Wars: Episode IX</em>. However, <a href=””><em>The Last Jedi</em></a> aside, family and characters’ heritage has always been held in high regard in George Lucas’ space opera movie franchise.

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