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Month: December 2018

A Quiet Place 2 Will Show Its World From Another Perspective

With the still-untitled A Quiet Place 2 not due to come out for well over a year, it’s not surprising that writer-director John Krasinski has been keeping very, well, quiet on the project as of late. But while it sounds like the filmmaker is still working out the details of the follow-up to his acclaimed horror hit, the Jack Ryan star is starting to open up a little about the approach he’s taking to the sequel.

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Netflix Just Added A Ton Of Great Horror Movies

Netflix recently revealed which films would be coming to their library to ring in the New Year, and they’re looking like a great collection for horror fans. Hailing from 2001-2004, you can now stream Jason X, Ghost Ship, Eight Legged Freaks, Gothika, Cellular and The Butterfly Effect. Of course, none of these are stone cold classics, but they’re all worthwhile watches if you can put up with a bit of wonky early noughties CGI and occasionally very hammy acting.

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Here’s Who Nick Fury And Maria Hill Were Going To See In Avengers: Infinity War’s Post-Credits Scene

The devastating Snap sequence at the end of Avengers: Infinity War saw most of our favorite superheroes collapse into piles of dust in front of their traumatized friends. Just as we were reeling from that, we were then walloped with a credits scene in which Nick Fury and Maria Hill are driving through a city when cars and helicopters begin crashing around them. As Fury himself collapses into dust, he sends out a last-minute cry for help to Captain Marvel. But who were the pair on their way to see on this trip?

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Aquaman Set To Be Highest Grossing DC Movie Since The Dark Knight Rises

James Wan has done the impossible and made a successful Aquaman movie. When glancing at the hero’s current domination of the global box office, it’s worth remembering that for nearly two decades he’s been the butt of jokes about talking to fish and the idea of his own film being a hit was considered so ridiculous it was parodied in Entourage. Now, with the movie having received broadly positive reviews, a high audience score and proven a big hit in international markets, The Hollywood Reporter is predicting it’ll end up with an impressive $900 million haul.

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