Friday, April 3, 2020

Star Trek Actor Reportedly Eyed For Lead Role In Silent Hill Reboot

Silent Hill has been dead for years, killed off as a result of developer Konami deciding to switch focus from video games to gambling. But now that long-mouldering corpse is twitching, as the last few weeks have seen many rumors that the venerable horror franchise is making a comeback. We’ve heard that Hideo Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills project is back in development, that both Sony and Microsoft are interested in purchasing the IP and that there’s a new movie in the works.

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Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith VFX Artist Reveals An Easter Egg Everyone Missed

he Skywalker saga may be done and dusted, but it seems that the films still have some secrets to spill. One little-noticed detail was revealed today in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith that’s put a smile on the faces of fans. It comes during the moment General Grievous faces off against Obi-Wan. At the start of this scene comes the memorable moment where Grievous unsheathes his four sabers. As he does so, two battle droids out of focus at the rear of the shot have a great little reaction.

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David Morrissey Wants The Governor To Return In The Walking Dead Movies

If there’s one thing The Walking Dead has proved lately, it’s that a character having met their final end is no barrier to them returning to the franchise, and not just as a member of the shambling undead. David Morrissey, who memorably portrayed the Governor in seasons 3 and 4, has expressed interest in returning to the franchise as a part of the movies planned to take place within the show’s world.

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