Monday, July 6, 2020

Hamilton Leads To Huge Spike In Subscriptions For Disney Plus

Since being added to Disney Plus for the July 4th weekend, Hamilton has been a major success, topping the platform’s list of its most popular content. There has also been a lot of debate around the production, which brings the award-winning theatrical show to the screen in ways that showcase how live theater can reach new audiences on streaming. Disney have extra reasons to be pleased with the response to Hamilton, though, as it has driven up downloads of the Disney Plus app.

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Hamilton Is Now Trending At #1 On Disney Plus

With so many streaming platforms to choose from and all of them having such exceptional collections of content, deciding which ones to subscribe to can be difficult at times. Sure, Netflix is the most popular, but it’s also now losing a lot of fan-favorite Disney and Marvel movies to Disney’s own fairly new service, Disney Plus. So, for those big-time fans of the Mouse House’s content, Disney Plus has rapidly become a no-brainer. And July’s offerings have been wonderful so far, with such classics as The Mighty Ducks and The Big Green, the often overlooked Race to Witch Mountain, and a recorded version of the revered musical Hamilton.

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Zack Snyder Confirms Original Steppenwolf Design For Justice League Snyder Cut

There were many elements of the theatrical version of Justice League that came under fire from fans, and the design of the main villain Steppenwolf was one of them. Many criticized the Apokoliptian general’s appearance as underwhelming, not to mention of a lesser quality, in terms of CG animation, than one would expect for a major blockbuster. The good news is that the Snyder Cut won’t have the same problem, as it’ll feature the original depiction of the foe.

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